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Index to medieval articles from start to now

Index to medieval articles from start to now

Niall C.E.J. O’Brien

This article provides an index with an individual link to each article published on this blog. Just scroll down the page and find an article of interest and hit the link which should hopefully take you to the published article. The index below is in order of when each article was published. The index will be reposted again in the next month when more articles should be added to the store.
As people know this blog is for medieval articles – roughly before 1600. I have another blog for what I call modern articles on history at History Exploration with Niall =

Index to medieval articles

7th May 2013
A life of Adam Pode in fourteenth century Gloucester

17th May 2013
Thomas le Reve, first bishop of the united diocese of Lismore and Waterford

6th June 2013
Keynesham family of Gloucester in the early fourteenth century

27th June 2013
Royal Constables of Cashel, Co. Tipperary

1st July 2013
Professors James F. Lydon and Mike Aston

2nd July 2013
Professor James F. Lydon, M.R.I.A., biography and bibliography

16th July 2013
Morland vicarage and the lost book

19th July 2013
Medieval Record Sources in Printed Books and Articles  

1st August 2013
Knockanore in medieval times = Writing about castles and abbeys for the August Bank Holiday

27th August 2013
Rincrew Religious House, Co. Waterford

1st September 2013
Matthew the Archdeacon of Bath, 1333-1342

10th September 2013
Edward Curtis, burgess of Wells in the fifteenth century

15th September 2013
Knockanore in Cork or Waterford in Early Christian times

23rd September 2013
Thomas Fitz Anthony: thirteenth century Irish administrator

30th September 2013
Molana Abbey in County Waterford, Ireland

18th October 2013
Dovecotes in the Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous Volume Eight

31st October 2013
Nicholas Cusack, Bishop of Kildare 1279-1299

21st November 2013
In search of a woman in the time of King John and Henry III

27th November 2013
Gloucestershire people hedging their bets in the political instability of 1470

30th November 2013
The building, fixtures and fittings of the medieval Irish Exchequer

9th December 2013
Henry de Pont-Audemer: a royal official of King John and Henry III

13th December 2013
Mocollop Castle, Co. Waterford: A history of a medieval castle: Chapters one & two

16th December 2013
Kildemock parish in medieval times and the jumping church

23rd December 2013
Mocollop Castle, Co. Waterford: A history of a medieval castle: Chapters three & four

27th December 2013
Mocollop Castle, Co. Waterford: A history of a medieval castle: Chapters five & six

30th December 2013
Mocollop Castle, Co. Waterford: A history of a medieval castle: Chapters seven, eight & nine

9th January 2014
Dean John Bernard of Tamworth and the sale of the church books

23rd January 2014
Irish Parliament of 1264: The first Irish parliament or just another parliament

24th January 2014
Dovecots of Llanthony Priory in Ireland

31st January 2014
Feast days, church holidays and the market = 9 views

3rd February 2014
Church activities and saving the harvest

11th February 2014
Margaret de Cormeilles and a miscarriage of justice

12th February 2014
Geoffrey of Crowcombe: a witness to early thirteenth century Ireland

16th February 2014
Okyle parish, church and people in County Waterford

2nd March 2014
Anchorites at churches and elsewhere

21st March 2014
Huish manor in Wiltshire: from death to debt

31st March 2014
Pedigree of John Goien in medieval Amesbury, Wiltshire

18th April 2014
Good Friday 1014: Brain Boru, Clontarf and the long shadow

20th April 2014
Dublin apprentices admitted to freedom 1468-1470 = 12 views

26 April 2014
Mary Magdalene buildings and places in Ireland: first report

5th May 2014
Irish Parliament of 1269

13th May 2014
Prebends in the medieval church

17th May 2014
Dublin masters and apprentices in the time of Henry VIII

24th May 2014
Chapel and prebends in Exeter castle

30th May 2014
Annaghdown diocese and the battle with Archdiocesan of Tuam

18th June 2014
Conditions of medieval apprenticeship in Bridgwater

20th June 2014
Why medieval history?

21st June 2014
The tragic story of Thomas Duffield, merchant of York

8th July 2014
Walter Jorz, Archbishop of Armagh
19th July 2014
The woman constable of a medieval castle: Annota Walsh of Carrickmacgriffin

25th July 2014
Anselm Basset: hunting and his life

17th August 2014
Some notes on Pyworthy in Devon

21st August 2014
William Airmyn: government official and Bishop of Norwich

29th August 2014
Biographies of some of de Mandeville family in Medieval Ireland

24th September 2014
The Priory of Carlisle in first half of fourteenth century

30th September 2014
Keynesham Abbey in Ireland

11th October 2014
Siston, Gloucestershire: c.1086 to c.1220


End of post and looking forward to future articles


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