Monday, July 1, 2013

Professors James F. Lydon and Mike Aston

In recent times two important persons in academic circles and beyond died. One was a university professor of archaeology and the face of archaeology to an appreciative public while the other was a historian and editor of medieval manuscripts.

On the 24th June 2013 Professor Mike Aston, emeritus Professor at Bristol University and archaeological consultant for the popular Time Team television programme, died. A extensive biography of Mike Aston is available at Wikipedia = = and also on a number of newspaper websites where an obituary of Mike Aston appears.

Professor Mike Aston

An appreciation of Mike Aston will appear later on this blog. First I have to do some archive archaeology within the many episodes of Time Team to make a story to capture the man who did so much to make archaeology popular and accessible to the general public. And who encourage a lot of people to take up archaeology as a career.


The second person here noted, Professor James F. Lydon, M.R.I.A., emeritus Lecky Professor of Modern History at Trinity College, Dublin, died on 25th June 2013. A well respected medieval historian in Ireland and overseas, James Lydon also was an important locator and transcriber of medieval documents. A biography and bibliography of James Lydon is in preparation and will appear on this blog later.

Professor Lydon's book published in 1972 and republished in 2003.

Link to the article on Professor Lydon


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