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Index of articles relating to English medieval history

Index of articles relating to English medieval history

Niall C.E.J. O’Brien

In May 2013 the first article on my medieval blog was published. It told the story of Adam Pode in fourteenth century Gloucester. Adam Pode was a real person but his name gave an extra meaning to the first article as Adam was said to be the first man. His surname of Pode is near IPod and the modern technology that allows a person to write a blog and have it viewed around the world.

Since then I have written a number of articles on medieval England. Many of the articles relate to the West of England and the South West as I am a member of a number of Record Societies in that part of the world. These societies: Oxford Historical Society, Bristol Record Society, Somerset Record Society and the Devon & Cornwall Record Society among others produce edited versions of medieval manuscripts in book form, sometimes retaining the Medieval Latin but more often these days just providing an English translation. The Societies also publish edited versions of manuscripts up to the Twentieth century such as the Gerry Tregidga edited Killerton, Camborne and Westminster: The Political Correspondence of Sir Francis and Lady Acland, 1910-29 (Devon & Cornwall Record Society, New Series, Volume 48 Gerry Tregidga edited Killerton, Camborne and Westminster: The Political Correspondence of Sir Francis and Ldy Acla).

It little serves the advancement of knowledge and enjoyment to have these source books and not shared them with others; hence the writing of history based on these books and others. The articles are arranged according to county and then to period in time. General articles and those relating to a specific subject follow the county list. I hope you enjoy the articles and find them interesting; Thanks.
6th January 2015
Frankincense at Bristol port in Tudor times


Fourteenth century
16th July 2013
Morland vicarage and the lost book

24th September 2014
The Priory of Carlisle in first half of fourteenth century

21st August 2014
William Airmyn: government official and Bishop of Norwich

31st March 2016
Bishop John Kirkby of Carlisle and the wool tax


Eleventh to seventeenth century
24th May 2014
Chapel and prebends in Exeter castle

17th August 2014
Some notes on Pyworthy in Devon


Eleventh to thirteenth century
11th October 2014
Siston, Gloucestershire: c.1086 to c.1220

Thirteenth century
11th February 2014
Margaret de Cormeilles and a miscarriage of justice

12th February 2014
Geoffrey of Crowcombe: a witness to early thirteenth century Ireland

1st November 2015
Dovecotes in Gloucestershire in the time of Henry III

5th November 2015
A lease for a knight in 13th century Gloucestershire

30th May 2016
An index of subjects and buildings in the Inquisitions Post Mortem of Gloucestershire in the time of King Henry III

Thirteenth and fourteenth century
3rd December 2014
Siston manor, Gloucestershire in 1273 and 1309

Fourteenth century
7th May 2013
A life of Adam Pode in fourteenth century Gloucester

6th June 2013
Keynesham family of Gloucester in the early fourteenth century

16th December 2014
Gloucester pavage and murage in the time of Edward III

19th January 2016
Some notes on the medieval mill at Cambridge in Gloucestershire

Fifteenth century
29th December 2014
Inquisitions post mortem at Chipping Sodbury in Gloucestershire, 1419-1422

27th November 2013
Gloucestershire people hedging their bets in the political instability of 1470


Fourteenth century
21st August 2014
William Airmyn: government official and Bishop of Norwich


Fifteenth century
17th June 2015
Keynesham, Bath and Burford with Chaunceler



21st March 2016
Athelney abbey before the Normans

Thirteenth century
25th July 2014
Anselm Basset: hunting and his life

31st March 2016
A journey through the Glastonbury estate in 1220

Fourteenth century
1st September 2013
Matthew the Archdeacon of Bath, 1333-1342

26th March 2015
Ralph Damesel of Walton, Somerset

30th March 2016
Athelney abbey in the register of Bishop Ralph of Bath and Wells from 1329 to 1363

Fifteenth century
10th September 2013
Edward Curtis, burgess of Wells in the fifteenth century

18th June 2014
Conditions of medieval apprenticeship in Bridgwater

17th June 2015
Keynesham, Bath and Burford with Chaunceler

16th June 2015
Minehead fishermen at Carlingford in 1404

Somerset general history
30th September 2014
Keynesham Abbey in Ireland


Fifteenth century
9th January 2014
Dean John Bernard of Tamworth and the sale of the church books



Thirteenth century
21st November 2015
Joan Querdeboef and her double loss and the challenge of medieval research


Eleventh to fourteenth century
21st March 2014
Huish manor in Wiltshire: from death to debt

Thirteenth to sixteenth century
31st March 2014
Pedigree of John Goien in medieval Amesbury, Wiltshire

Thirteenth century
21st November 2013
In search of a woman in the time of King John and Henry III

Fourteenth century
24th November 2015
Wiltshire dovecots 1359 to 1377: Individual dovecots in a Wiltshire landscape

Fifteenth century
27th October 2015
Agincourt in the records of Salisbury City council


Twelfth to seventeenth century
21st August 2016
An account of medieval Hinderskelf which since 1700 was removed to make way for Castle Howard, one of the grandest country houses in England

Thirteenth century
16th May 2016
Edmund Mortimer of the house of Mortimer of Wigmore in Herefordshire was made treasurer of York cathedral while still a youth

Fifteenth century
21st June 2014
The tragic story of Thomas Duffield, merchant of York

26th January 2016
The Yorkshire estate of Sir William Ryther in 1440


English medieval government
9th December 2013
Henry de Pont-Audemer: a royal official of King John and Henry III

21st August 2014
William Airmyn: government official and Bishop of Norwich


General history
18th October 2013
Dovecotes in the Calendar of Inquisitions Miscellaneous Volume Eight

30th October 2014
Glossary of medieval words: first edition

25th July 2014
Anselm Basset: hunting and his life

15th May 2016
Tracing the female ancestors of King Richard III to see how far back in time his mitochondrial DNA

13th July 2016
The Earls of Ormond were an important landowner and political family in medieval Ireland. They also were large landowners in England and this article gives an account of their estates across several counties.

30th June 2016
John Bromwich was an important landowner and political official in Gloucester and Herefordshire. He acquired land in Ireland from his wife and served briefly as viceroy there.

Medieval church history
31st January 2014
Feast days, church holidays and the market

3rd February 2014
Church activities and saving the harvest

2nd March 2014
Anchorites at churches and elsewhere

13th May 2014
Prebends in the medieval church

17th April 2016
Roland Jorz, Archbishop of Armagh, served in the archdiocese of York after leaving Ireland and in the Diocese of Durham at Gateshead


General articles and notices
20th June 2014
Why medieval history?


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